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2011-01-23 13:25:20 by leo967846

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One Piece!

2010-12-05 14:19:31 by leo967846

Alright, I'm here to talk about One Piece, probably one of the best animes I've watched. If you haven't watched it, watch the first episode (this is the legal American site) here (This is the English dub, not the english sub just to let you know, but there is both) I prefer the English sub, but that's just me. Anyway, its a really great Anime and Manga as well. [Picture: A picture I drew of Rorona Zoro; A swordsmen on the Straw Hat Pirates crew]

One Piece!

My birthday!

2010-09-20 21:56:16 by leo967846

To celebrate my birthday is a picture from meh to you including my favorite gaem.

My birthday!


2010-07-06 17:50:55 by leo967846

I'm trapped in a dark room. Can you hear me?

Super Mario, You Never Disappoint Me.

2010-06-15 21:42:37 by leo967846

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2010-06-04 11:55:28 by leo967846

Wow, haven't updated in awhile. Heres what's in the flash works:

An Ordinary Day at School
An Ant's Viewpoint on Life


2010-01-31 15:29:59 by leo967846

Meh.. can't get the animation for my flash right... its all choppy, I really need to know the basic crap of animation...

New Flash

2010-01-27 20:19:31 by leo967846

I'm currently making a new flash, called "An Ordinary Day at School" I would tell you what its about, but its a surprise. This will probably take about a year to make, because the quality has to be good, and I am still learning Flash. I may post the whole storyline later.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve

2009-12-23 12:18:30 by leo967846

Happy Christmas Eve Eve dawg.

5 days Till Christmas

2009-12-20 12:54:47 by leo967846

Put on your Santa hats and say HO... ho... ho.....
5 Days till' Christmas!!